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Futon Design® is a trademark we have registered in order to guarantee you that all the products with the label “” are handcrafted by us in our workshop in Morges, Switzerland. We thus guarantee you a traditional and local artisanal confection, using the best components of the market. We are very demanding with our suppliers, so that our raw materials are of an irreproachable and constant quality, while preserving nature and the environment as much as possible. This way, we ensure that we maintain the highest quality products and the lowest prices.


Stemming from the Japanese tradition, the Futon is a perfect example of functionality and simplicity. Since its appearance around the year 700 BC, the Futon is still the traditional bed in Japan. Futon Design® as a pioneer in Swiss manufacturing, we have redesigned and adapted the traditional Futon to Western taste and comfort.


The word Futon is not a registered trademark, but means in Japanese: “cotton bed”. We make our own Futons, exactly according to traditional techniques by stuffing them with 100% natural fibres such as cotton, wool, coconut fibre and natural latex. The fibres are washed beforehand, then combed and layered, before being sewn by hand inside a raw cotton cover. The Futon is then stitched with a thread at various points to ensure perfect stability.

Our Futons are entirely made of natural fibers, they are warm in winter and cool in summer, while keeping the body dry and temperate. We have designed them to support the back with softness and firmness, giving ideal support to the spine. They are frequently recommended by naturopaths, chiropractors and doctors. Our Futons being 100% natural, they are in perfect harmony with the environment.

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As a manufacturer and Outlet store, we offer some of the best value for money.

With 7.7% VAT, Switzerland is unbeatable for European articles and raw materials. France at a rate of 20%!

Guaranteed prices: You find cheaper elsewhere, we match the same price and add a nice surprise. See conditions in store.

A few testimonials

“I would like to thank all the people who received me, both in Morges and in Geneva. Your welcome is warm and the service perfect. And a very special thank you to all those who participated in the emergency manufacture of my mattress.”

Martine Rey

“I placed an order for a futon on your site and 8 days later, the package is delivered to my home. Efficient! SUPER shipping. I received 2 emails from the carrier DPD. The first one on Friday to tell me that the package would be delivered on Monday morning. The second this Monday morning, 8:00 am to let me know the delivery time, between 10:00 and 11:00 am. The delivery was made at 10:30 am. Marvel of precision. The futon corresponds completely to my wish. It is magnificent. Thank you!!”

C.L. Salzmann, Bienne

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