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Mattress MEMO'SENSITIVE Ecolux 90x200 cm SOFT - showroom

Product Information:

Shape Memory Foam Visco Vegetal


Comfort in weightlessness with Medium Firmness. The soft and firm are not produced any longer.

The plant visco foam shape memory Mémo'Sensitive is developed based on castor oil. It keeps the body in an ideal position welfare. The enveloping comfort fits all body types, and provides the feel of a weightless sleep.

Technical Specifications
• Odorless,
• Open cell structure of the foam.
• A basic vegetable castor oil,
• Foam invariable to temperature changes,
• Permanent Soft,
• Heart 18cm density 55kg/m3, finished at 20 cm thick.

Customer Benefits
• Comfort enveloping
• Fits all body types,
• Provides the sensation of a sleep in zero gravity,
• Lighten the areas of pressure,
• Suitable for electric bedding from 3 to 5 areas.
• Reversible mattress,
• Removable mattress.

Foam density
• 55 kg/m3

Organic Cotton Cover
Thicker and softer, the Organic Cotton cover is removable and washable at 30 °. It provides a quality finish and superior resistance.


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SHOWROOM MATTRESS 1100.00  CHF 550.00 abt. 8 to 10 weeks Cart
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