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Matcha CHAI BIO 30g

Product Information:

Japanese green tea - MATcha NATURE 50g

Delicious Matcha (powdered green tea) mixed with spice essences. Japanese green tea * powder (87%), cinnamon *, turmeric *, cardamom *, anise *, cumin *; * organically grown.

Théine : With

Beneficial characteristic : Boosting, Detox, antioxidant, anti-cholesterol.

Preparation : Place 1/2 teaspoon of matcha in a matcha bowl, add 100ml of hot water (80°C), and whisk for 30 seconds using a matcha whisk or a milk frother until foamy.

Delicious in cold tea : good ++

Specialty : Powdered, crushed

Controlled natural product : Yes, 100%

Origin : Japan


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