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Product Information:

Our newest design, we love the way the Quad looks. The clean lines would enhance any space and there’s no mistaking the generous use of solid birch. The lacquered finish, with just a slight tint to even out variations in timber colour, is hard wearing. The timber is carefully sourced and we sort it methodically to reduce the black flecks that naturally occur in birch so that they appear mainly on the less visible surfaces. The final effect, we think you’ll agree, is very smart.
Conversion from sofa to a standard double bed takes no more than three seconds, it couldn’t be simpler. So when it comes to regular use as a bed, the Quad matches the performance of the very best. Properly cared for, it’ll last you a life time.

Sizes as Sofa: 202 cm x 97 cm h: 73 cm
Sizes as bed: 142 cm x 202 cm x h: 30 cm

Not included: COVER (Click HERE to access covers for this Sofa)

Wood: Oak

Origin Futon: Switzerland
origin Frame: Asia


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